On October 25, 2018 in Vinnytsa, representatives of «Ecodevelop» LLC took part in the AGROVIN-2018 agrarian forum, which was organized by the Vinnitsa Business Support Center (based on the Vinnitsa Business People Club) and the Khmelnitsky Business Support Center (based on the base of the NGO “The Public Movement” New Economic Policy “). The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development joined the organization in the framework of the EU4Business initiative of the European Union. The event was held with the support of the Department of Agricultural Development, Ecology and Natural Resources of the Vinnytsa Regional State Administration.

The event was attended by 350 representatives of agricultural enterprises, analysts, finance and credit specialist, export and foreign economic activity, the introduction of innovations and the development of new areas of production, as well as experts on land reform and international partners.

The purpose of the event was the exchange of experience for the development of small and medium-sized businesses in the field of agriculture, including through government programs supporting agribusiness of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine and “Oschadbank”, as well as innovations in agriculture, promoting the processing industry in the region, exploring export opportunities, technologies to optimize the use of resources and agribusiness investment programs.


The Forum “AGROVIN-2018” discussed the implementation of modern technological solutions, investment programs and financing, the issues of rent / purchase / sale of land, export and import, logistics, innovative gardening and biotechnology, the organization of the processing industry in enterprises.
Nadiya Lisetska, Head of the Business Support Center of Vinnitsa and President of the Vinnitsa Business People Club, noted that the agro forum “AgroVin” is being organized by them for the second time, since, in her opinion, it is the agrarian sector that is the engine of economic development and the source of foreign exchange earnings of our state.

Andriy Gizhko, First deputy head of the Vinnytsa Regional State Administration, noted that this event allows to get acquainted with the latest trends in the agricultural sector, in grain production, animal husbandry, gardening, etc. He focused on the fact that the government seeks to combine financial and credit instruments offered by commercial banks with government programs. In particular, according to him, for the first time in the history of independent Ukraine, the target budget of 5 billion UAH is provided in the state budget. The same amount is laid in the state budget in 2019.

“Innovations, cooperation and export”

In the first discussion section «AGROVIN-2018,” Evgeniy Predchenko, Deputy Director of Project Company «AgriLab» told about the technologies that make it possible to save resources, increase productivity and improve resource efficiency. So, he noted that farmers need to start with an analysis of the soil and an assessment of the natural potential of the field. Precision farming allows more efficient use of fertilizers up to 50% and increase productivity.

Oleksandr Buyukli, Executive director of the First Ukrainian Agricultural Cooperative, established on the basis of the All-Ukrainian Agrarian Council, spoke about the need to develop the cooperative movement in Ukraine. He noted that it is cooperation that is an effective tool for improving the competitiveness and efficiency of doing business of small and medium-sized agricultural producers by providing them with the opportunities of agricultural holdings.

Panel discussion about the land market, as always, has caused a flurry of emotions, because it is one of the most relevant topics for each landowner. At the same time, supporters and opponents of the sale of land on the forum divided into two uniform camps “for” and “against”: 50/50.

Denis Marchuk, deputy head of the All-Ukrainian Agrarian Council, noted that it is impossible to plan the development of agribusiness until a vision of the land market is formed 10-15 years ahead or more. So, according to him, Ukraine is not ready yet for the introduction of free circulation of land. By that time, it is necessary to complete the filling in of the state land cadastre, transfer the right to dispose of land to the communities, make an inventory of reserve lands, and introduce an effective mechanism for lending to farmers so that small farmers can also access the market.
And this is just a short list of activities that should be carried out to cancel the land moratorium. Only in this case, according to Denis Marchuk, the land market will be civilized, and we will create real conditions for the inflow of investments into the Ukrainian economy.

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