It’s also not simple, but ECO-Oscar in the framework of the forum of green energy stakeholders ECO-transformation 2019.

On December 16, it was awarded for a project related to the creation of a biogas complex on the territory of Tetievskaya United territorial community! To implement this project, the Tetievsky City Council joins forces with Ecodevelop and the Institute for Sustainable Development – to improve the environmental status of the united territorial community, efficient waste management and solve other problems of society!

Ecodeveloper received the award along with Ruslan Maystruk, the leader of Tetievskaya, the united territorial community – a man with modern views; Stanislav Ignatiev, head of the Institute for Sustainable Development, which makes a lot of efforts to implement our joint project!

“It is an honor for us to build the first biogas station on the territory of Tetiev, which will become a model of energy-efficient communities!” – commented Igor Soroka, head of business development at Ecodevelop.

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