Ecodevelop held a strategic session on the development of Bziv biogas station

Ecodevelop held a strategic session on the development of Bziv biogas station

On May 17 of this year, Ecodevelop, together with invited representatives of business and government agencies, experts from the biogas industry and partners, inaugurated the Bziv biogas research station. The company also presented this facility and shared the results achieved to the general public during the press conference on May 22, 2019.

However, Ecodevelop does not stop in the development of the Bziv biogas station. As part of the further improvement of the plant operation, the company held a strategic session dedicated to planning an effective development strategy for this facility.

Owners and key employees of the company, as well as attracted consultants on strategic planning and project management took an active part in the session. During the meeting, the next steps were identified to improve the operation of the biogas station. Namely: already this year, new elements and additional equipment will be added at Bziv. To this end, new financial and technological partners of strategic importance will be involved in the development of the project. In addition, it is planned to expand the range of actors in educational programs.

“Thanks to the implementation of the planned steps, the Bziv biogas station will transfer into a qualitatively new level. I am sure that in the near future we will be able to share the successful results of the work done,” Sergiy Shpak said, Director of Ecodevelop.

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