September 24, 2018 Olga Sydorchuk (Commercial Director, Ph.D. in Technical Sciences) and Igor Soroka (Head of Business Development Department) will present “Ecodevelop” LLC in the press conference “ECO Transformation 2018: Does Ukrainian Business Have a Solution to Acute Environmental Problems?” which will be held from 11.00 to 13.00 in the premises of the news agency “Ukrainian News” (“Palace of Sports” metro station, 20 Esplanadna street., 1st floor).

The event will present promising vectors for the development of Ukrainian business for environmental safety and sustainable development, real-world experience and results; as well as opportunities for eco-transformation of enterprises and regions.

Discussion of the following issues is envisaged: opportunities for Ukrainian business to solve acute environmental problems in 2018, options for turning waste into revenues (cases and comments), introducing and developing innovative European farming technologies in Ukraine, financing “green” business modernization, implementing a “green” project without spending from the budget, upgrading harmful production taking into account eco-requirements, the solution of problems of industrial water purification by Ukrainian producers, alternative and renewable energy sources: the main achievements of the Ukrainian business-2018.

Among all invited guests and panelists are: heads of enterprises implementing “green” and progressive strategies with due regard for compliance with environmental legislation and rational use of resources; heads of enterprises producing environmentally friendly and safe products; managers of enterprises using environmentally friendly energy sources; heads of cities and communities that actively contribute to the green modernization of production in the regions; leaders of innovative energy efficiency and energy saving programs; leaders of eco-innovation and eco-start-up projects; representatives of local authorities and the media.

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