National Strategy for Waste Management in Ukraine

National Strategy for Waste Management in Ukraine

A preliminary version of the National Waste Management Strategy in Ukraine was published, which is expected to be approved in 2017.
The indicative estimate of the necessary investments is 3.5 billion Euro, including:

  • purchase of containers and garbage trucks – 217 million Euros
  • construction of 140 waste acceptance centers – 22 million Euros
  • construction of 38 sorting complexes – 133 million Euros
  • construction of composters – 84 million Euros
  • Modernization of the incineration plant “Energia” – 212 million Euros
  • construction of 150 modern solid waste landfills – 2.3 billion Euros
  • Closing and reclamation of existing landfills – 500 million Euro.

Stimulating investments in the sphere of solid waste management:

  • an increase in the tax for disposal of solid waste from 0.17 euro per ton in 2016 to 3 euros per ton by 2022
  • Granting subsidies to municipalities to compensate 15% of the cost of investment in the construction of infrastructure, the purchase of containers and transport for separate collection of solid waste, as well as a subsidy that compensates for 20% of the cost of household expenses for composting
  • a tax credit of 20% of the price of equipment for waste processing and a temporary exemption from the customs duty for the import of such equipment.

Preliminary planning:

  • By 2022 it is necessary to reach 85% of the coverage of services for collection of solid household waste (in 2016 – 77%) and 50% of the population’s coverage of separate collection of paper, metal, plastic and glass (20% in 2016)
  • By 2022 it is planned to introduce the scheme “Extended producer responsibility” for waste packaging and waste electrical and electronic equipment
  • By 2024, 38 new garbage recycling complexes and sorting lines should be created (in 2016, 22 lines operate)
  • By 2022, the level of total MSW processing should be 6% of the total volume
  • By 2022 composting should cover 30% of households
  • By 2022, full compliance with EU requirements for all procedures for the operation of solid waste landfills should be ensured.


Based on the materials of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources

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