In order to popularize and introduce biogas technologies in Ukraine, on the basis of the classic farming company Ecodevelop, a biogas complex is built on farm waste (manure manure) and corn silage grown on the fields of the farm.

The purpose of this biogas complex is to show, by a concrete example, the full technological cycle of processing farm waste, generating electricity and heat, using balanced biofertilizers for fields. On the basis of the station, there is a training and scientific and methodological center for training biotechnologists for the biogas industry in Ukraine.

Power station – 330 kW

Daily production of biogas – 3 630 m³

Output (per year):
Electricity – 2 640 MW * h
Thermal energy – 3 160 MW * h
Solid fertilizers (humidity – 70%) – 9 344 tons
Liquid fertilizers (humidity – 99%) – 18 359 tons

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