The first quarter of 2019 showed record levels of renewable energy

The first quarter of 2019 showed record levels of renewable energy

In the first three months of this year, 862 MW of new capacities were commissioned in Ukraine, generating electricity from renewable sources. According to the “State Agency for Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving”, this figure broke records. For comparison, over the past 2018 848 MW of renewable energy capacity was created in Ukraine.

According to the State Agency for Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving, in the first quarter of 2019 were installed solar power plants with a total capacity of 684 MW, wind power plants with a capacity of 173 MW, biogas plants with 5 MW and small hydropower plants with 0.1 MW. About 730 million euros was invested in the creation of new renewable energy facilities.
In total, over 5 years, 2,200 MW of new facilities that produce “clean” electricity have been introduced.

“This statistic confirms the investment potential of energy efficiency and renewable energy. So far, leaders in this segment are solar energy and wind energy. However, more and more biomass and biogas projects appear in Ukraine. On the example of Sweden, which has already reached 54% of clean energy in the final energy consumption, it is noteworthy that in addition to solar and wind energy, bioenergy is used effectively. Therefore, in Sweden today, the share of bioenergy is 37% in the country’s energy balance,” says Mikhail Lobodin, Technical Director of Ecodevelop. – This is due to the fact that the stations on biomass and biogas differ from WPP and SES in that they can supply the predicted amount of energy to the network 24/7, in contrast to the wind and sun. Therefore, plants operating on biofuels may become energy suppliers for Ukrainian settlements far from large nuclear or thermal stations,” he stressed.

According to him, Ecodevelop is a leader in this segment of renewable energy and is currently working on projects with a total capacity of 3 MW.

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