Selection plots for biogas stations

For reliable, economical, convenient operation of the biogas station, the selection of a site for construction is of paramount importance.

The main requirement is proximity to raw materials, so the plots are placed directly with the production where waste is generated. The main key indicators for site analysis are:

  1. Collection of source data for the site (cadastre, topography, etc.)
  2. Checking the legal status of the site
  3. Points of connection to electric networks are defined
  4. An analysis is carried out for points of possible use of heat
  5. Research is being carried out for the supply of raw materials for a biogas plant, in the case of emergency situations, in which raw materials are not supplied to the station
  6. Studies are under way to increase the station’s capacity and to realize additional options (solar, wind stations, greenhouses, plant-based plants, processing and packaging of fertilizers, etc.)

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