Development of business plans

After selecting a site for the construction of a biogas station, we conduct a detailed financial and economic analysis of its prospects.

Pre-calculated: payback period, investments, EBITDA, ROI, etc. Risks and prospects are determined. A business plan is formed after the research. The business plan provides a detailed justification of the project and the possibility of a comprehensive assessment of the effectiveness of decisions made and planned activities.

The most important question that a business plan must answer: is it worth to invest money in this project?

The business plan consists of the following items:

  1. General description of the project
  2. Calculation of biogas output
  3. Biogas production processes
  4. Technological process of biogas production
  5. Energy calculation of biogas station
  6. Financial and economic project plan
  7. Operating forecast
  8. Project performance indicators for 10 years

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