Biogas technologies for landfills of solid household waste (MSW)

Biogas technologies for landfills of solid household waste (MSW)

For work on the degassing landfills to produce biogas and then complete the processing of waste and offers technological solutions which consist of three stages:

Degassing of polygons. Biogas is obtained by collecting gas from the perforated holes formed in the thicker the garbage heap, and then supplying the biogas in a cogeneration unit that produces electrical and thermal energy. As a result, degassing polygons greatly reduced risk of autoignition polygons without significantly decreasing emission of methane in the atmosphere and odor disappears. Not the release of 1 ton of methane is not the release of 21 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.

Sorting. All incoming municipal solid waste is sorted and separated into the biological part and inorganic (glass, plastic, metal, cardboard, paper). The biological part of solid domestic waste is processed by the method of anaerobic digestion with the subsequent production of biogas. The inorganic portion is separated into marketable piece for further recycling (metal, glass) and is not part of the commodity, which is processed by combustion pyrolysis, in which gas obtained by the pyrolysis furnace and liquid fuel, which can then be used to generate heat and electricity.

The production of biogas from the biological part using dry fermentation technology under anaerobic conditions is the final stage for this technology.

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