Infectious agents in livestock wastes and their disinfection with biogas production

Infectious agents in livestock wastes and their disinfection with biogas production

Waste industrial livestock contaminates the environment. According to the World Health Organization, manure and waste water of livestock enterprises can be a factor in the transmission of more than a hundred pathogens of infectious and invasive diseases.

Actually organic waste serves as a favorable environment for the development and long-term viability of pathogenic microflora, may contain pesticides, weed seeds, medicated drugs and the like.

In the untreated waste of livestock, a list of pathogens of infectious diseases, dangerous to humans and animals (see table) is included.

Сальмонели (гноївка ВРХ, гноївка свиней, пташиний послід)Збудники ящураАскариди
Мікробактерії (гноївка ВРХ, гноївка свиней, пташиний послід)Чума свинейСвайники-великани
Бруцели (гноївка ВРХ, гноївка свиней)Везикулярна хвороба свинейСосальщики
Лептоспіри (гноївка ВРХ, гноївка свиней)Свинячий грипФасциола печінкова
Кишкова паличка (гноївка ВРХ)Трансмісивний гастроентерітЛегеневі смоктальники
Бацили сибірської язви (гноївка ВРХ)Ротавірусна інфекціяГельмінти шлунково-кишкового тракту
Бактерії Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae (гноївка свиней)Хвороба Тешена
Клостриди (пташиний послід)Хвороба Ауєксі
СтрептококкиАтипова чума птахів
Ретро-, парво-, ехо- та ентеровіруси


Table Infectious agents in liquid manure of agricultural animalsAccording to the results of a series of studies carried out by the Center for Agricultural Technology (Augstenberg, Germany), salmonella bacteria are present in 95% of unprocessed animal waste samples. In order to prevent damage to healthy livestock and human health, it is recommended that the animal waste be hygienized, followed by anaerobic fermentation. Hygiene allows to prevent the transfer of quarantine pests, is of particular importance for the cultivation of quality products.
In turn, during the anaerobic digestion, the carbon fraction of the waste is changed, fermented, while preserving the entire amount of nutrients. The processes of biogas production help to improve the process of digestion of nutrients, which increases their availability for plants.
Sidorchuk О., Ph.D.

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